PVP Council of PTAs Honorary Service Awards

Honorary Service Awards (HSA) are available to recognize the service and dedication of both individuals and organizations. They are awarded by unit, council, district PTA and California State PTA, and presented by PTA representatives at PTA-sponsored meetings or at functions of allied groups.  The Honorary Service Awards program contributes to the California State PTA Scholarship fund.


The HSA Program includes the following award possibilities:

  • Golden Oak Service Award
  • Continuing Service Award
  • Honorary Service Award
  • Very Special Person Award
  • Outstanding Teacher Award
  • Outstanding Administrator Award
  • Site Specific Awards

The Peacock Awards are the PVP Council of PTAs specific awards.   A person may receive more than one of any of these awards and in any order from the PVP Council of PTAs and from individual site PTAs.


To learn more about the California State PTA Honorary Service Award program, click here.

PVP Council of PTA Honorary Service Award Winners

2020-21 Award Winners:

Golden Oak Award: Karen Buresh, Alex Cherniss, Beth Meyerhoff, Suzanne Seymour

Outstanding Administrator Award: Linsey Gotanda, Michael Lehault, Trista Ramirez

Honorary Service Award: One Hill Project

Very Special Person Award: Trisha Paddock


2019-20 Award Winners:

Golden Oak Award:  Jody Pastell & Heather Matson

Continuing Service Award:  Amy Friedman, Quinn Mulkey, Shari Shiginaga & Megan Wescott

Very Special Person Award:  Roma Mistry

Outstanding Administrator Award:  Matt Horvath

Peacock Award:  Lana O'Shea & Peggy Warriner


2018-19 Award Winners:

Golden Oak Award:  Katie Applewhite & Lisa Jaksic

Continuing Service Award:  Trent Bahadursingh

Honorary Service Award:  Cathy Fresch

Very Special Person Award:  Kris Stafford & PVPUSD Printing Department

Outstanding Administrator Award:  Keith Butler

Peacock Award:  PVP Land Conservancy & PV School Gardens


2017-18 Award Winners:

Golden Oak Award:  Nancy Shafer & Selina Lai

Continuing Service Award:  Katie Applewhite

Very Special Person Award:  Jeannie Hahn, Terry Kamibayashi & Steven Wollman

Peacock Award:  Dr. Don Austin


2016-17 Award Winners:

Golden Oak Award:  Mitzi Cress & Rosemary Humphrey

Continuing Service Award: Dianna MacDonald & Beth Meyerhoff

Honorary Service Award:  Jane Cline

Very Special Persons Award:  Rod Uyeda & Tara Shao

Outstanding Administrator Award:  Joan Romano

Peacock Award:  Amy Friedman & Selina Lai

Social Host Committee Award:  Anitra Bornheimer, Raunda Frank, Judy Gilligan, Ann Lampe, Heather Matson, Beth Meyerhoff, Linda Reid, Julie Trell, Rod Uyeda & Sandy Valeri


2015-16 Award Winners:

Continuing Service Award:  Cheryl Dawson

Honorary Service Award:  Marissa Trevett, Karen Buresh & Roma Mistry

Very Special Person Award:  Kristina Mermelstein & Moise Innocent Jr.


2014-15 Award Winners:

Golden Oak Award:  Fred London

Honorary Service Award:  Erica Kraack, Ann Lampe, Dawn Lenzie & Nancy Shafer

Very Special Person Award: Jeff Earle

Dynamic Duo Award:  Dr. Don Austin & Dr. Joann Culverhouse

In Memoriam:  Robbie Vierra-Lambert


2013-2014 Award Winners:

Golden Oak Award:  Walker Williams & Kim Rutledge

Honorary Service Award:  Jill Shoemaker-Edwards

Very Special Person Award:  Mary Ross, Kathy Santa Rosa, Roma Mistry & Anthony Collatos


2012-2013 Award Winners:

Continuing Service Award:  Jody Pastell & Julie Arico

Honorary Service Award:  Deidre Manns, Kathryn Hopkins & Selina Lai

Very Special Person Award:  Judy Krehbiel, Emlie Council, Diana Feinberg & Joe Lewis


2011-2012 Award Winners:

Golden Oak Award:  Anna Levin

Continuing Service Award:  Donna Coogan-Segal

Honorary Service Award:  Sherry Cicchetti, Emiley Daly, Kim Rutledge, Pam Secor, Sue Sheppard & Julie Trell

Very Special Person Award:  Mathew Rener & John Tellenbach


2010-2011 Award Winners:

Golden Oak Award:  Chris Bowles

Continuing Service Award:  Julie Robinson

Honorary Service Award:  Cheryl Dawson, Lori Fan & Marnie Gruen

Very Special Person Award:  Frank Califano, Patrick Corwin, Beth Hadley & Bonnie Oseas