PTA Reflections Art Program

2020-21 Reflections Art Theme - "I Matter Because..."

All students attending PVPUSD schools are invited to participate and submit original artwork in any of the six categories:

Dance Choreography
Film Production
Music Composition
Visual Arts

Reflections Art is due by Friday, October 16th (see below)

Reflections Q & A:

1. Is the Reflections Arts program still happening, even though we're starting the school year completely online?  

YES! Now, more than ever before,we need creative thinkers, and making art inspires that. This year's theme - "I Matter Because ..." is a question every child can find value in answering through art.

2. Will it be the same as last year? 

Creating the art is the same - choose a category, base the artwork on a theme, follow the rules (see below), and write an artist's statement - that remains the same as last year.The difference is in how you will submit the artwork, and how it will be displayed.

3. How will artwork be judged this year?

The 2020-21 Reflections Arts Program will be entirely digital this year. Artwork will still be judged anonymously, but from digital files. The good news is that you get to keep your child's artwork for your own display.

4. How do I submit the art to my (child's) school?

The following links are for the Google Entry Form for your (child's) specific school. Please select carefully, or your artwork could end up in another school's program. Fill out the information completely (it matches the information gathered in the official Reflections Student Submission paperwork). Near the bottom of the form is a place to link your (child's) artwork to the form. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT (see below for details).

5. Will anyone ever see the original artwork?

If your (child's) art is selected to advance to the 33rd District Reflections Program, the original artwork and a printed/signed copy of the student entry form must be sent. All other entries will only be viewed in a digital format.

Your Reflections chair will build a gallery using the artwork submissions from your school. Beginning November 2nd you will be able to view the Reflections galleries of every school in the PVPUSD. Below is an example of a gallery created from the 2019 Peninsula High School Reflections entries.

When uploading artwork to your Google Form please note:

  • Literature entries must be a Google doc or a Word doc. DO NOT ATTACH A PDF.
  • Photography entries can be a .jpg, .jpeg, or .png file.
  • Music Composition can be an .mp3 or .wav file. If you are a middle or high school student, please also upload a PDF of the notated music. 
  • Dance Choreography and Film Production can be an .mp4 or AVI file. Please note any copyrighted materials used.
  • Visual Arts entries must be a .jpg or a .jpeg. Your photo of your artwork is very important, as it is the only thing the judges will see. When you photograph your (child's) visual art entry, remember to use natural light to capture the actual colors, and crop your photo to its edges so it fills the frame.

Below are the official Reflections category rules for your reference. Please disregard the submission procedures, as they are only relevant for entries that advance beyond PVPUSD.

For more information about the Reflections Arts Program, please contact your site PTA 3rd VP, or April White at